The ReAlign Conference

An all ages conference to ReAlign our hearts and focus on the mission of God. Come join as we rise up at ReAlign 2021!

March 12-14, 2021

Indianapolis, IN

Living Faith Church

2120 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46222




5:00 PM     Registration Opens

6:00 PM     Main Session 1

7:30 PM     Breakout 1

8:30 PM     Worship




9:00 AM     Main Session 2

10:00 AM   Breakout 2

11:00 AM   Breakout 3

12:00 PM   Lunch Break
                   (included in registration cost)

1:00 PM     Worship

2:00 PM     Breakout 4

3:00 PM     Breakout 5

4:00 PM     Dinner Break

6:00 PM     Worship




11:00 AM     Main Session 3


Main Sessions

Session 1

Josh Looten

Session 2

Irvin Wasswa

Session 3

Logan Creasy

Breakout Sessions

Changing Relationships for a Multi-Location Church

Cody Clark

As we begin the transition into a multi-location church a lot will change. One of the most difficult changes is the way in which we interact with one another. In this breakout, we will talk about ways to press into relationships with one another and preparing for this change.

Reaching the Inner City

Niccole Wilkes

Ministry in an inner-city area comes with unique challenges that differ from those faced in suburban or rural environments. Effectively ministering in the inner city requires a deep understanding of the people who live there and the specific challenges they face.

Battling Mental Health Struggles

Eric Thacker

The Christian life is marked with the fruits of the Spirit, yet many of us find our minds filled to bursting with the opposite: anxiety, depression, and self-loathing. The good news is, we serve a God who longs to bring health to our whole being, including our minds, as we lean on Him each day.

Being a Good Follower

Autumn Wall

Leading begins with following. If you're not able to follow leadership well, then you won't be able to lead well either. In this breakout we'll discuss what a great follower looks like.

Working Towards Leadership

Bradley Patton

Feeling like God might be calling you to be into leadership? Whether His calling is for tomorrow or ten years from now, there are things you can do today to start getting ready.

Not Growing

Zorina Smith

Have you ever heard the person you disciple or someone in your life group say "I'm just not growing"? Or maybe you've found yourself thinking or saying the same thing. In this breakout we'll talk about how to handle this struggle, how to encourage one another in our growth and how to get help when we're not sure where we should be going next.

Resting and Finding Balance in Life

Matt Hatch

It's important to be busy with the things God calls us to do, but it's equally important to rest at the proper times, replenishing our life and strength in Him. How's that work? What's it look like? Let's talk about it.

Marriage and Parenting in the Early Years

Philip and Mary Jo Viers

The early years of marriage and parenting are full of rapid changes and challenges that are very unique and feel like they just keep coming. A big part of thriving in the midst of it is simply remembering God's design for marriage and parenting and learning to live it out as a community.

Called to be a #2 Leader

Dennis Tharpe

Not every leader is called to be the #1, but any great #1 absolutely needs a solid #2: the Aaron to Moses, the Goose to Maverick! That person offers support and strength both upward and down. So let's look at what it means to lead from that supporting role.

Isolation and Loneliness

Josh Looten

Who hasn't felt isolated or lonely this last year? This is a struggle for every, single one of us in one way or another. Come to this breakout to hear some helpful tips on dealing with those emotions in a godly, healthy, and ultimately edifying way.

Forming Deep and Healthy Relationships

Cody and Talor Clark

We all long for deep and healthy relationships in our lives: relationships where we are known completely and accepted for who we are. Often we settle for decent, surface-level relationships, because pressing in is hard. But that's the very thing that turns them into deep and great relatioships.

Racial Reconciliation

John Owens

Racial tensions are high in our culture today. How do we as Christians and as the church respond to this dynamic, and how do we effectively represent Christ in the midst of this? In this breakout, we'll tackle these questions and more.

Pastoring People Through Difficult Things

Jordan King

It's no surprise that leaders are faced with the responsibility of pastoring people through incredibly difficult times. Addiction, mental health, marital struggles, finding purpose, societal tensions—the list goes on and on. This breakout will discuss practical tips for helping people seek God amid difficult times.

Applying the Bible to Today's Issues

Josh Branum

The Word of God is living and active and it applies to every area of our lives. It is our ultimate authority and the truth that we cling to, but that doesn't mean we always see exactly how it relates to the world around us. As iron sharpening iron, let's discuss how we apply the Bible to today's issues.

Worship that Changes Things

John Owens

Worship is not passive. When we hit hard times in life, responding in worship is our way of focusing on Jesus, fighting in the spirit, and changing our perspective. Real, true worship that is done in spirit and in truth is worship that changes things.

Representing Jesus in Your Workplace

Talor Clark

As a Christian, wherever you go is an opportunity to live the gospel, but sharing the good news with your coworkers can be challenging. Join us as we talk through practical ideas for reaching people in the workplaces where God has put us.

Making it for the Long Haul

Steve Davis

Leaders are all too familiar with burnout. We see leaders step down every day because the pressures of leadership simply become too much. Is it even possible for a leader to thrive in ministry for the long haul, not just a season? Yes! In Christ the answer is absolutely yes.

Radical Accountability

Jordan King

It's not enough to just talk with people about life. What we need is a pursuit of radical accountibility in our lives that challenges us to change the patterns in ourselves that go against God's plan.


Steven Hocker

Pornography. Alcohol. Social media. Relationships. Addiction comes in many forms, but the root issue is often similar. In this breakout, we'll talk through the roots of addiction and how to find freedom through Christ.

Being a Good Friend in Conversation

Jon Lowe

Every conversation is filled with cues, both verbal and non-verbal. They help us express ourselves and understand the people we talk to. The trouble is, it can be hard to recognize everything those cues might communicate as we engage with the people we care about. With some practice, though, we can all improve the way others experience us.

Kids Conference

For kids ages: Birth through Kindergarden, and 1st through 5th grade

We believe that ReAligning our hearts with God is not just for adults, it's for the whole family!  At the ReAlign Conference, there is a full conference just for kids full of Biblical teaching, kid's worship, crafts, and games - all lead by a group of background checked adults.

  • Teaching:

    Our lessons all center on the same scripture as the main sessions, so your kids will be growing along with you throughout the weekend.

  • Safety First:

    Safety is a top priority.  All kids workers are background checked and all kids are checked in and out by a parent.

  • Fun:

    Our goal is that every kid will have the time of their lives at the ReAlign Kid's Conference.   They will get to experience crafts, games, art projects, snack time, and interactive worship - all included with their registration.

Register Now


$75 per person 
Free t-shirt included if registered by February 14, 2021


$200 Family Pass
*A Family Pass covers the registration for a family with 2 adults and up to 6 children (under the age of 17) living in the same household.
Free t-shirts included if registered by February 14, 2021


What do I wear and bring to the conference?
Please wear comfortable, casual clothing! No need to dress up unless you just really want to. You’ll want to bring a Bible and something to take notes on. There will be a dinner break on Saturday evening where you will have time to go to dinner with friends from the event on your own.
What time does the event start and finish?

ReAlign Session 1 begins Friday evening at 7:00 PM. The final session of the conference is officially over Saturday evening at 8:00 PM.  For a full view of the weekend’s schedule, click here.

Will there be childcare?

Not only is there childcare, there is a full Kids Conference that goes alongside the main conference. Click here to find out more.

I’m from out of town, where can I stay?

There are multiple hotels near Northside where you can get a room for the evening.  Here are a few that we have used in past years.

Quality Inn Castleton
(520) 257-4523
8380 Kelly Ln,
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Homewood Suites
(317) 253-1919
2501 E 86th St,
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Hyatt Place
(317) 843-0064
9104 Keystone Crossing,
Indianapolis, IN 46240
What are the breakout sessions?

Breakout sessions will be throughout the conference. These sessions will be all kinds of topics taught by multiple different leaders and teachers. For a full list of breakouts offered, click here.

How do I pay my conference fee?

Registration can be done on this website with either credit or debit cards by clicking here.  If you would prefer to pay by check, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is included in my registration fee?

Registration fees include access to all main sessions and breakout sessions. Lunch on Saturday will also be provided.

Can I cancel or transfer my registration?

If you have registered and are no longer able to attend ReAlign, we are sorry you won’t be able to join us, and hope to see you next time. Tickets are transferable, but not refundable.

What if I have special needs?

If you have special needs (handicap access, food allergies, etc.), please contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have any other questions, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..